Kathlaur Kushlian Wildlife Sanctuary

  • Run: 30 Km From Pathankot
  • Location: Jammu-Pathankot Highyway Near By Kathlour
  • Best Time: Any Time through Out Year
  • Approach: By Car,Bike Or Taxi
Kathlaur Kushlian Wildlife Sanctuary
The Kathlaur Kushlian Wildlife Sanctuary was established as a sanctuary in 2007.The area is located along the banks of the Ravi River and is quite fertile. It was notified as a sanctuary in the year 2007 and since then has been designated to protect the native flora and fauna of the region. The Kathlaur Kushlian Wildlife Sanctuary is made up of dense forests resembling a closed canopy. The sanctuary also features open grasslands and has several water bodies that serve as watering holes for the animals and birds that inhabit the area. The Kathlaur Kushlian Wildlife Sanctuary is located along the Amritsar Jammu by-pass. It falls in the Pathankot Tehsil in the Gurudaspur District of Punjab. It spreads over a total area of 1896 acres. Out of the total area, around 346 acres is a part of the Kushalian Village, 1550 acres is a part of the Kathlour Village along with surrounding villages like Jaswa, Bahadurpur and Rajpur. The villagers play an important role in protecting the wildlife of the area. The sanctuary is home to several species of deer like the chital, sambar, hog deer and the barking deer. These species of deer stay protected in the area and are prevented from being hunted because of the vigilance by the government authorities and locals. There are also several varieties of avifauna that can be seen in the area like the partridge (grey and white), white humped vulture, parakeet, spotted owl, etc.